C.S.A. For those in need
(This has been discontinued we now donate to Veggie Rescue Instead)

We are working with local student and nonprofit organizations to help get our produce to those in need. If you are interested in helping you20160110_122234 can purchase a CSA delivery on our store page.

Not only will the high quality produce go to someone who really needs it, but they will be sending their compost back to our farm where we put it back into our system finishing the loop and preventing waste from going to the landfill.


Our one straw revolution

Beginning this July we will be selling straws made out of watercress. Why you might ask?

Straws are one of the top ten pollutants found on our beaches. Over 500 Million straws get used every stwawday in America and end up either in a landfill or in the ocean.

We will be featuring our edible superfood straw on the drink menu at some of our local watering holes in order to raise awareness about the impact of straws.